Why do many people want to use Apple products?

Apple has managed to establish itself as one of the most premium and unique brands in the world that has attracted everyone's eyes.

Many people want an iPhone or a Mac, even justifying wrong decisions like 8 GB RAM on MacBook Pro is more than enough or USB-C connection speed on basic iPhone is adequate. But to find out why devices like the iPhone have become the choice that many people want in a world of many different brands, let's find out.

Brand value

On the market today there are many high-end phones and products, such as Samsung tablets, Lenovo laptops or PCs, and impressive devices like the Google Pixel. But with Apple, the characteristic built throughout its history since its founding is that the company has always sought to launch something different, providing high value to users but not at an affordable price. which is designed for the advanced user group.

The brand value of Apple products is very high.

Many manufacturers today have tried to do that, but Apple struck first. Many of us remember the design of the first iPhone, but do we remember the first phones from Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi?


All companies talk about building an ecosystem and the importance of perfectly syncing devices with other devices, especially this structure has become more popular in recent years. This.

The problem is that Apple has been doing that for nearly 30 years, because in a market dominated by Windows in the 1980s and 1990s, the only way to survive was to create new products. Very good products at very expensive prices, and they must "understand each other very well".

The Apple device ecosystem is very strong.

This led to the company creating an ecosystem that they are working on and improving little by little, becoming a fundamental pillar of the company. Today, the ability to synchronize between Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone is unique and not offered by any manufacturer.

The feeling that everything works like one will make people want it at any cost, even if that means paying a lot of money.

Exclusive application

The fact is, a person who buys an Apple device will almost certainly end up using all the apps available on it without knowing exactly why. Not just apps like iCloud or Apple Music, many people go a step further with apps like Final Cut, Garage Band, iMovie or pay for Apple One or Apple TV+.

Many users are too dependent on pre-installed applications on Apple devices.

Not only that, many third-party apps may not be able to handle all the information well, not to mention the fact that they have to be downloaded to the device. These lead to many people starting to favor the built-in tool and rely on it more and more. Once that happens, using an Apple device is essential to keeping things running smoothly.

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