Vietcombank 'reiterates' the announcement of adjusting SMS Banking service fees

Previously, a series of other banks such as Vietinbank (HM:CTG), VPBank (HM:VPB)... also adjusted the SMS Banking service fee schedule.

Finance and BankingVietcombank 'reiterates' the announcement of adjusting SMS Banking service feesTram Anh • {Publishing date}Previously, a series of other banks such as Vietinbank, VPBank... also adjusted the SMS Banking service fee schedule.

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank (HM:VCB) - stock code VCB) has just issued the second announcement on changing the SMS Banking service fee schedule.

>> Vietcombank increases SMS Banking service fees from January 1, 2024

Accordingly, the fee for maintaining the proactive SMS service will be calculated based on the number of messages generated in a month instead of the current fixed fee of 10,000 VND/month/phone number. This is a service to receive notifications of account balance changes, international card spending transactions, loan principal repayment schedule, loan interest... via SMS.

Specifically, from January 1, 2024, Vietcombank will apply a fee of 10,000 VND/month/phone number if the number of messages is less than 20 messages/month/phone number.

Over 20 messages/month/phone number, Vietcombank charges according to the actual number of messages generated in the month at a fee of 700 VND/message. These fees do not include VAT.

A new point worth noting for Vietcombank customers is that the bank will officially stop sending balance change messages for transactions worth less than 50,000 VND.

In the notice sent to customers, Vietcombank said that if they are actively using SMS and do not need to maintain the service, customers can compose a message with the syntax VCB CD HUY send to 6167 and download the VCB Digibank application to Switch to receive balance change notifications via the free application.

Notably, Vietcombank said that to accompany customers, during the period from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024, Vietcombank will waive 1 month of proactive SMS receiving service for customers. Customers do not need to continue maintaining and canceling the service.

Each customer is free one time only in the month of service cancellation (in case the customer registers to use the proactive SMS service again at any time, Vietcombank will collect fees according to the fee schedule in effect at the moment the customer successfully re-registers).

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SMS Banking service

Previously, many other banks such as VietinBank, VPBank,... also adjusted SMS Banking service fees.

According to the announcement from VietinBank, from the first week of October 2023, if the number of SMS balance changes is 14 SMS or less, VietinBank will apply the current fixed fee of 11,000 VND (VAT included).

If the number of SMS balance changes from 15 SMS or more, VietinBank applies a fee calculation method based on the actual amount incurred. For example, if a customer generates 50 SMS messages in a month, the service fee will be 50 x 880 VND = 44,000 VND (VAT included).

In addition, VPBank's SMS Banking fee schedule from September 1 will also be adjusted from a fixed monthly package of 12,000 VND/account number/1 subscriber/month to an increasing fee schedule based on the number of messages. received monthly, the lowest from 10,000 VND and the highest is 70,000 VND/account number/1 subscriber/month.

VPBank will only collect SMS banking fees for transactions valued at 100,000 VND or more. Transactions worth less than 100,000 VND (minimum transaction level) will not receive balance change notifications on the phone but will receive them on the VPBank NEO e-banking app.

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