Top Samsung products with the biggest discounts during Black Friday season

Many Samsung devices are being heavily discounted on Black Friday this year.

In the international market, Samsung has expanded its Black Friday sales on key product lines such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and home appliances.

In Vietnam, the company's products are also being strongly discounted, with some products being discounted up to 45%.

Below are the devices of the Korean technology tycoon that are being discounted the most.

1. Samsung Inverter Refrigerator 488 liters Multi Door RF48A4000B4 - 37% off

Selling price from: 14.99 million VND

Belonging to the high-end product line, the Samsung Inverter 488 liter Multi Door RF48A4000B4 refrigerator has become less expensive after the discount. The product has a large capacity, can meet the needs of a family of 5 people. With stainless steel material, the durability of the device is very high.

Samsung Inverter Refrigerator 488 liters Multi Door RF48A4000B4.

In terms of technology, Samsung integrates into the machine two independent Twin Cooling Plus cooling units, Power Cool cooling technology and Power Freeze fast ice making technology, which can cool quickly and effectively, helping to preserve fresher food. . At the same time, the refrigerator also has Digital Inverter technology and has a sleep mode, using electricity more effectively.

2. Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV 55 inches QA55Q65A - 28% off

Selling price from: 10.99 million VND

With a reduced price of less than 11 million VND, Samsung QLED 4K 55 inch smart TV QA55Q65A is a super economical choice for families. The product has a large screen - 55 inches in size and the ability to reproduce realistic, vivid and sharp colors. In addition, the technology "tycoon" also equips the device with a powerful surround sound and image-based motion system thanks to Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite) technology.

Smart TV Samsung QLED 4K 55 inches QA55Q65A.

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And yet, the Smart TV's design is very impressive with super thin bezels and a sturdy base. The TV is also integrated with popular entertainment utilities such as YouTube, Netflix,... to satisfy the needs of all audiences.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm smartwatch - 24% off

Selling price from: 4.89 million VND

In the list of Samsung smartwatches being discounted, the Galaxy Watch 5 44mm is the device with the biggest discount. The advantage of the product is its durable design - US military standards and integrated modern sensors, which can measure blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring and exercise tracking.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

In addition, the after-discount price of the watch is also very "affordable", within the reach of many common users. In terms of battery life, the watch can also be used comfortably for about 1.5 days.

4. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G - 45% off

Selling price from: 12.99 million VND

Currently, Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the high-end smartphone with the biggest discount. Dropping to a mid-range price, this folding screen phone model will reach more users. And although it has been on sale for more than a year, the experience of the device is quite great with strong performance, compact design and water resistance.

Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Although the product's 12MP dual rear camera cluster does not provide "quality" photos, it is enough for users to "live virtually". In addition, the color versions of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are also quite eye-catching, and can be combined with many creative accessories.

5. Galaxy Tab S9 Tablet - 28% off

Selling price from: 14.35 million VND

Belonging to the high-end tablet segment, the after-reduction price of the Galaxy Tab S9 is still quite high. However, the owner of the device will be extremely satisfied when using it to play games or watch movies.

Galaxy Tab S9.

That's thanks to Samsung integrating the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 11-inch screen with high resolution as well as an 8,400 mAh battery - providing long battery life. Not only that, the tablet also comes with an S Pen stylus, making taking notes and sketching extremely convenient. The 45W fast charging ability is also a plus point of this device, allowing to minimize battery charging time.

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