Incredibly Strong, Yet the Apple M3 is on the Verge of Being Outperformed by This Chip

Qualcomm has revealed more information related to Snapdragon X Elite - a PC chip manufactured on an advanced 4nm process - that the company first revealed in October this year.

In its statement, it was not surprising that Qualcomm quickly compared the Snapdragon

Snapdragon X Elite has quite high performance expectations from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm says Apple's chips are lagging behind its new Snapdragon platform. The company guarantees that Snapdragon X Elite delivers similar or even better performance with 30% lower power consumption when compared to M2 Pro and Ultra - two more powerful versions of Apple M2.

This was demonstrated when the company emphasized at the Snapdragon Summit that “Elite is a direct competitor to the M2 and not to other versions”.

Interestingly enough, Apple quickly countered by introducing the M3 chip. This new chip line stands out thanks to its 3nm manufacturing process compared to the M2's 4nm, which has more cores and better power efficiency.

A few weeks after Apple's response, Qualcomm returned to attack its competitors when it began comparing the Snapdragon X Elite with the M3 chip. The company guarantees that its Snapdragon chip is 21% faster than the M3 on the MacBook. When questioned by the media, Qualcomm pointed out that the Snapdragon X Elite achieved a Geekbench multi-core score of 15,300, compared to Apple's 12,154.

Also note that Qualcomm is not comparing the Snapdragon On Geekbench, M3 Max reached 21,049 points in multi-core, far ahead of Snapdragon X Elite, while M3 Pro reached 15,243 points. Note that Apple is also preparing to launch an Ultra version of the M3, which promises to deliver even faster power.

Windows laptops will benefit from Snapdragon X Elite.

Furthermore, Qualcomm admits that the user experience will not necessarily reflect the performance gap between the chips, because "the experience will not be the same because Apple's chip is running macOS, and Qualcomm's is running Windows."

On top of that, Qualcomm makes it clear that it is not responsible for the final experience managed by the computer manufacturer. Instead, they assert that when it comes to hardware, the only thing the company can control is providing good hardware. Meanwhile, Apple is responsible for both hardware, software and user experience.

After many days of waiting, Apple's latest generation of Macbooks - Macbook M3 series is officially available in Vietnam and on sale early at TopZone with prices starting from 39.99 million. This is one of the first genuine units available in Vietnam with full configuration and color options.

The brand new Macbook series from Apple has arrived in full stock at TopZone

Macbook M3 series products are equipped with Apple's newly launched M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max chips. This is the most advanced chip line for personal computers when equipped with 3nm technology and notable new upgrades, bringing outstanding performance. Compared to the M1 chip line launched in 2020, the M3 chip has a 30% faster performance core, a 50% faster power-saving core and a Neural Engine artificial intelligence processing core that is up to 60% faster while still preserving battery life. In particular, the M3 Max chip provides up to 11 times faster speed than the 2021 MacBook Pro versions.

Thanks to its massive GPU and super powerful CPU, along with support for up to 128GB of RAM, MacBook Pro with M3 Max can handle extremely complex workflows as well as multitasking on professional applications for professionals. users such as machine learning programmers, 3D artists or video editors.

The power of the GPU on this M3 chip comes from the Dynamic Caching architecture - the biggest breakthrough ever in the field of graphics. Accordingly, this architecture uses algorithms to analyze and distribute data in real time. This helps ensure that only the exact amount of memory needed is used for each task, delivering unbeatable performance that can handle even the most complex games and professional applications.

Impressive graphics performance on the Macbook M3 series delivers the most detailed and realistic images and colors when working on movie editing applications.

Besides the new chip, all products in the Macbook M3 series also possess many highlights such as the beautiful Liquid Retina XDR screen, which Apple confidently affirms as "the best screen ever on a laptop". hand". The product provides a 20% brighter screen when displaying SDR content compared to previous generations. 120Hz scanning frequency combined with Extreme Dynamic Range (XDR) technology brings impressive contrast ratio, vibrant colors and more realistic lines than ever before, providing a perfect visual experience. Accompanied by a battery life of up to 22 hours of use - the longest battery life in the Mac line, helping the machine always be ready to serve whenever you need it, anywhere.

New color Space Black - an attractive and impressive black color is also an interesting new feature of the Macbook M3 series. This color has brought a "new breeze" to the Macbook line, which is already familiar with silver - gray tones, combined with a shell made with breakthrough technology that helps limit fingerprints, bringing more trendy and professional image for users.

The sophisticated appearance of the new color has conquered many Apple fans

With outstanding improvements, products in the Macbook M3 series have set a new standard for a laptop, making millions of people look forward to experiencing it. Currently, the standard versions are available early and fully at TopZone with a listed price from 39.99 million VND, the configuration option (CTO) versions are expected to arrive at the end of December.

TopZone representative said that the Macbook Pro 14 inch M3 Pro 18GB - 512GB version is the most popular model in this series because it possesses outstanding features and a good price. The new Space Black color with dark aluminum case only available on the Pro version and above is also a special highlight that helps attract technology lovers to this version. With a price of 49.99 million VND, this is expected to be the most worth buying version of this series.

Macbook Pro 14 inch M3 Pro 18GB - 512GB Black is priced from 49.99 million VND, promising to be the most sought-after product at the end of 2023

As Apple's most senior authorized dealer in Vietnam with a nationwide store system, TopZone always brings new Apple products as soon as possible so customers can quickly experience them. In particular, when shopping here, you can also enjoy the genuine Apple 1-year warranty and 12-month "Whatever you get" policy at more than 3,000 supermarkets in the Mobile World ecosystem nationwide. along with many other attractive offers. Come to TopZone now to immediately own a new Macbook with leading advanced technology in 2023.

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