Evening Update: December 21 Football Headlines - Endrick Expresses Admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Endrick said Ronaldo is his biggest idol and imitates many things from CR7.

Endrick in a recent interview for Abola newspaper said that Cristiano Ronaldo is the role model he looks up to. “He is my biggest idol, not simply an athlete but also an example for everyone to follow. He wants titles and records, if I want to go far I have to learn from him," Endrick said.

Ronaldo and Endrick

Kane shares about life in Munich

Harry Kane said his first few months at Bayern Munich were very difficult due to living far away from his family. “I'm very happy because there's a winter break coming up, so I can be with my wife and children. The first 4 months here I couldn't be with them and had to live in a hotel. Soon everyone will reunite together in Germany and I will feel better," Kane said.

Kasper Schmeichel praised billionaire Ratcliffe

Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, after leaving Leicester City, spent one season playing for Nice and recently he believes that billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe will make MU successful. “He and the officials in Nice helped me a lot to get through a difficult year. They are both ambitious but also very kind and understand the human side of sports management. Every field they participate in is successful and I believe MU will be the same," he said.

Berbatov is worried about Hojlund's scoring form

Hojlund is still searching for his first goal for MU in the Premier League. This is disappointing, as the Old Trafford team had to spend up to 72 million pounds to recruit him.

Former famous player Berbatov expressed concern about Hojlund: "To be honest, the fact that Hojlund still cannot score in the Premier League is worrying. That makes this player gradually lose confidence. But I think Hojlund needs Keep trying, the goal will come.

Teammates need to support Hojlund fully. Everyone can see how great this player's desire to score is."

Bayer Leverkusen set a new record for German football

Leverkusen just experienced an impressive 4-0 victory over Bochum. This helps them have 25 unbeaten matches in all competitions in the current season. Leverkusen also set a new record in German football. Previously, Hamburg held the record of 24 unbeaten matches in the 1982/83 season.

Khanh Hoa Club changed coach

After 1 match as interim coach replacing coach Vo Dinh Tan, Mr. Tran Thien Hao withdrew from the hot seat of Khanh Hoa Club. Assistant Tran Trong Binh will replace the above vacant position. Meanwhile, former famous player Le Tan Tai returned to Khanh Hoa to support coach Tran Trong Binh.

"Onana concedes a lot because the MU defender is not good enough"

In an interview with DAZN, Paul Ince, former MU midfielder from 1989-1995, commented that part of the reason why goalkeeper Andre Onana has not met expectations is because of the poor performance of the "Red Devils" defenders:

MU's defense conceded 21 goals after 17 matches in the Premier League

"This period will bring valuable experience to Onana. A goalkeeper only plays well if there is a good defense in front of him, that's why he is excellent and does not have much to do at Inter Milan. MU is Conceding too many goals, the problem was that the defenders did not support Onana well enough.

Everyone needs to understand that the pressure at MU is 10 times higher. Onana starts off with good form but the pressure will come after he makes 1 or 2 mistakes. Some players take months to adapt, some take a year, while others never meet the standards, pressures and expectations from the fans. I think Onana has to overcome that."

Messi helps make American football exciting

On the Daily Mail, former head coach of New York Red Bulls and Leeds United, Jesse Marsch said that Lionel Messi's appearance has made the "land of flags" football scene more famous and more exciting than ever:

"The biggest challenge for the American professional football league is not fans, investment or expertise but geography. Now, I believe that everyone, from the players, Coaches and every individual in the football world realize that the tournament is becoming more and more exciting than ever."

"Golden Feet" changes the award format

Recently, the organizing committee of the annual "Golden Feet" award has just announced a change in the awarding time from 2024. Specifically, the "Golden Feet" will be awarded in the summer instead of the end of the calendar year.

Launched in 2003, "Golden Feet" honors outstanding players aged 28 and over who are still playing, each person only receives the award once. The winner will have his footprints printed on "The Champions Promenade" in the Principality of Monaco.

The former PSG star was urgently hospitalized, suspected of being seriously injured

According to Clarin (Argentina), former striker Ezequiel Lavezzi was taken to Sanatorio Cantegrill hospital (Uruguay) with a perforated abdomen and broken collarbone. This newspaper revealed that the cause of the incident stemmed from a dispute at a family party

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