Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its launch, Apple is about to have a major upgrade for the Apple Watch

Apple is said to be preparing to bring a major upgrade to the Apple Watch next year.

According to iMore, 2024 is expected to be the time when Apple makes many major changes to its products. In addition to improving the entire iPad product line, the company is expected to have many notable upgrades for the Apple Watch.

First announced at the iPhone launch event in 2014, next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch. In the latest Power On news, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman presented a series of new upgrades to the Apple Watch 2024.

Apple Watch is expected to have a significant upgrade next year.

Gurman said: "The Apple Watch is about to be upgraded, the company is planning at least one watch model with a new design. More importantly, Apple is also working on two health features designed to bring the watch intelligence to a new level, which is measuring blood pressure and detecting signs of sleep apnea."

The journalist said the high blood pressure and sleep apnea detection feature will act as a warning when the watch detects signs, then will suggest users to have timely medical examination measures. .

It seems that the Apple Watch 2024 is considered a notable upgrade, the addition of health features is an important key to making the smartwatch attract more attention from consumers.

Add a new product to Apple's (Product) Red list.

According to GizChina, in celebration of World AIDS Day, Apple has introduced the famous red (Product) Red color option for Apple Watch Series 9.

The new version of the smartwatch has a beautiful red aluminum case combined with a silicone sports band. Additionally, to provide a more consistent and personalized feel, users can use a variety of watch faces such as Metropolitan, World Time, Numerals Mono, Gradient, Stripes and Typograph, which are notably all is represented by the traditional deep red color of (Product) Red.

The new red Apple Watch Series 9 version was launched.

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Along with the launch of the new version, Apple is pledging that proceeds from purchases in certain apps will go to charity. Specifically, starting from December 1 - 4, all income from in-app transactions such as MONOPOLY GO!, Gardenscapes and EA Sports FC Mobile on the App Store will be contributed to the Global Fund. ).

Furthermore, Apple is expanding its corporate philanthropy plan by pledging to donate $1 for every purchase made with Apple Pay. This commitment is valid until December 8, and applies to all transactions on the App Store, physical Apple Store locations and online at Apple.com.

Through the above philanthropic ideas, Apple not only introduced another visually impressive product, but also leveraged their platform to make a meaningful impact in the global fight against disease. AIDS.

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