Starlink provides internet anywhere in the world

(CNN) - 200 USD (4.7 million VND) is the amount that customers have to spend each month to use internet service while anywhere in the world.

On February 20, SpaceX announced that it had begun providing a trial of the "Global Roaming" service to users in places where Starlink has not yet been deployed. In addition to the $200 per month package, users must purchase an additional Starlink Kit connecting device for $599 (VND 14 million).

The "Global Roaming" package will be for people who often move away from home for a long time and they will be provided internet by Starlink wherever they are in the world.

Starlink provides internet anywhere in the world - 1

Starlink Kit connection device set in Coeur d'Alene National Forest, Idaho State - USA. Photo: Arstechnica

Technology site The Verge reported that billionaire Elon Musk's corporation has started sending emails to users inviting them to try the new service. In the email, SpaceX mentioned that the internet connection when roaming sometimes works poorly or loses signal because they are still expanding the satellite network. In addition, depending on the market, users may have to pay additional taxes and fees for importing Starlink Kit equipment.

SpaceX is offering a cheaper roaming option than the Starlink RV, in which users only have to pay an extra $25 in addition to a fixed $110 per month plan. However, this package limits the internet connection within the country where the customer lives.

However, in the email, SpaceX did not clearly describe how it will deliver internet worldwide, although many of the company's satellites are still waiting to be licensed to deploy services in India and Pakistan.

As of mid-2022, Starlink has about 3,500 operational satellites that have provided internet to about 500,000 users in 37 countries.

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