Smartphone series discounted up to 10 million dong on New Year's Eve 2023

iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Xiaomi or Oppo smartphones, ... all have good prices on the first day of the new year 2023.

Right on the first day of 2023 (January 1, 2023), dealers launched many incentives to stimulate market demand with a reduction of more than 60%, even with technology accessories priced from only 49,000. copper. There are places where 0h - 6h is the time frame with the highest incentives for passionate users "hunting sale online".

A series of smartphones with discounts of up to 10 million dong on New Year's Eve 2023 - 1

Many models of the iPhone 14 series are on sale on New Year's Eve 2023.

Recorded at Mobile Vietnam, another promotion with a shocking offer for iPhone 14 series VN/A was also deployed on January 1, 2023. Accordingly, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are only from 20.49 million VND, iPhone 14 Pro is only from 28.79 million VND,...

Meanwhile, iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best-selling device in the system during Tet holiday, also reduced by more than 5 million VND, only from 31.79 million VND. iPhone 11 also contributed with a decrease of more than 4 million dong, only from 10.49 million dong. The old iPhone lines, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max, are only from 11.29 million and 17.29 million dong, respectively.

The representative of CellphoneS also said that the "hottest" product on the market recently was the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Currently, this iPhone model has arrived in large quantities with enough capacity from 128GB, 256GB, 512GB to 1TB versions. All are discounted, and this is the first time this purple version is priced at the same price as the other colors.

"Customers can immediately own iPhone 14 Pro Max purple or any color for only 31.69 million VND, excluding other incentives on New Year's Day," a CellphoneS representative informed.

Smartphone series with discounts of up to 10 million dong on New Year's Eve 2023 - 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 "shocked" 10 million VND.

In addition, Android products are also deeply discounted on this occasion. Not to mention is the Galaxy Z Flip4 reduced by 10 million, only from 13.99 million; Galaxy A03 is only from 1.99 million VND. The "national" phone of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is directly reduced by 1 million, only from 3.99 million, ... 

iPad and MacBook are no less competitive when the MacBook Air M1 line is reduced by more than 8 million dong, only from 20.79 million dong for the 8GB/256GB version. iPad Gen 9 10.2 inch reduced by more than 3 million, only from 6.79 million. 

Not only phones, iPads and MacBooks, but technology accessories such as wireless headphones, speakers, power banks, smart watches… come from big brands like Apple, Sony, JBL, Huawei, Zoda, Energizer. .. was also sold at a very good price when it was reduced by more than 60% compared to the listed price, only from 49,000 VND. 

Typically, negative devices, like AirPods 2, are only from 2.45 million VND, AirPods Pro 2 2022 are only from 5.75 million VND; True Havit TW967 headset and QCY T1C Bluetooth headset with shock reduction, the same price of 199,000 VND; JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker is only from 1.99 million VND… 

Other technology accessories are also deeply reduced, including: Zoda 10,000mAh power bank only 170,000 VND, Energizer 10,000mAh power bank from only 250,000 VND, Mophie PD 20W USB-C charger from only 250,000 VND, Xiaomi Band 7 smart bracelet is only VND 890,000, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Bluetooth is only from VND 2.99 million, Apple Watch SE 2022 GPS 40mm is only VND 5.99 million…  

It is known that with such attractive incentives and policies, this will be a good opportunity for those who plan to buy phones, MacBooks and technology accessories on the occasion of the first year of 2023, close to the Lunar New Year. It is expected that on New Year's Day, the sales of technology devices will be 2-3 times higher than on weekdays.

Reference price list for some strongly discounted products on January 1, 2023:


List price (VND)General preferential price (VND)Price on January 1, 2023
iPhone 14 Pro Max

36,990,000 won

31,790,000 won31,790,000 won
iPhone 13"

24,190,000 won

18,790,000 won17,990,000 won
iPhone 13 Pro Max

48,990,000 VND

36,490,000 VND34,590,000 won
iPhone 11

14,990,000 won

10,890,000 won10,490,000 won
iPhone 12 Pro Max (old)

25,990,000 VND

17,590,000 won17,290,000 VND
iPhone 11 Pro Max (old)

15,090,000 won

11,590,000 won11,290,000 won
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

34,790,000 won

29,790,000 won28,990,000 VND
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

23,990,000 VND

14,990,000 won13,990,000 won
Samsung Galaxy A03

2,990,000 won

2,390,000 won1,990,000 won
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

4,990,000 won

4,390,000 won3,990,000 won
OPPO Reno8

8,990,000 VND

8,090,000 won7,590,000 won
MacBook Air M1

28,990,000 VND

20,990,000 won20,790,000 won
iPad Gen 9

9,990,000 won

6,990,000 won6,790,000 won

* Reference prices are subject to change and vary between systems.

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