One more carrier offering eSIM on Apple Watch

eSIM is an electronic sim, which has been integrated on the iPhone since the XR version until now. 

With its small size, built into the device, eSIM helps to limit drops and damage when changing SIM cards, supports switching carriers and packages through software easily, making it easy to use. Dual SIM on a phone has only one physical SIM slot and ultimately allows two devices to use the same phone number.

The eSIM support on Apple Watch will make it easy for users to connect without having to carry their iPhone around (Photo: The Anh).

Previously, smartwatches needed via Bluetooth to connect to iPhones. Since December 19, VinaPhone has provided eSIM service on Apple Watch, helping to bring a smooth connection between phone and iPhone.

To use eSIM service on Apple Watch of VinaPhone, customers need to ensure conditions such as using Apple Watch Series 4 or higher (GPS + Cellular version) running watchOS from version 9.2, devices from iPhone 8 running iOS 16.2 or more, and both iPhone and Apple Watch must support VinaPhone's band.

Thus, there are currently 2 carriers, Viettel and Vinaphone, that have provided this service to the market, bringing more convenience to customers.

When using an eSIM-enabled Apple Watch, it connects directly to a cellular network and operates completely independently. Users can call anywhere without signal without a phone.

Besides, users can also leave their smartphones at home and just wear Apple Watch when jogging, doing outdoor sports , without having to worry about losing contact.

That means you can still receive calls, use maps to find directions, stream music online, and more right on your Apple Watch without having to carry your iPhone with you.

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