Without reacting when Quang Hai scored, Chotip Jandahan and "the nail salon owner" simultaneously spoke up because of the referee's red card.

The pink balls that were once related to Quang Hai have always given enthusiastic support to the player and his teammates.

After making a miracle in the second qualifying round of the World Cup 2022, Vietnam Tel continues to enter the third round with the first opponent, Saudi Arabia. Although playing away from home, the boys in red still received enthusiastic cheers from their home fans, the atmosphere of support for the team was filled with the internet.

However, at the beginning of the second half, Duy Manh had to go to the field after receiving a second yellow card from the referee. Not stopping there, Saudi Arabia also scored an equalizer from the penalty after this penalty card. The referee's decision made Vietnamese fans quite angry, including those who used to be related to Quang Hai such as Huynh Anh or "nail salon owner" Huyen My also expressed their feelings.

Previously, in the first half of the match, Quang Hai had the opening goal for Vietnam in the match. However, in this development, both Huynh Anh and Huyen My did not make any moves.

Huyen My is also extremely angry

Huynh Anh posted many angry icons
In addition, "uncle" goalkeeper Tan Truong also shared on his personal page.
The opening match of Vietnam Tel in the third qualifying round of the World Cup 2022 took place last night (the morning of September 3). Despite receiving a 3 - 1 loss to Saudi Arabia, the boys in red gave their best and left many impressions and regrets in the hearts of their home fans.

After the match ended, the team members also quickly updated their status and shared on their personal pages. The most enthusiastic must mention the "uncle" goalkeeper Bui Tan Truong and the "boss" of MXH.

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