Western teacher asked: "Which animal is the symbol of Spring?", the student quickly answered a question that surprised people around.

 Experiencing so many green springs, do you know which animal is the symbol of spring?

English is the most popular language among young people. Although learning from 3rd grade, there are still many students who consider this an obsession when they cannot pronounce correctly or remember grammar. Therefore, communicating with foreigners can sometimes become a burden for many young people.

Recently, however, netizens were admiring the English response of a group of students from a secondary school. When the students finished school, the Western teacher approached to start a conversation and ask questions about tradition. Tet day.
Each student will answer 5 questions and if they are correct, they will receive 500,000 VND. It's not a shame that the school specializes in when you all have good English listening skills, and quickly respond to Western teachers' questions.

But none of the students received 500,000 because they were all stuck with one question: "What kind of animals is the symbol of Spring?" (Which animal is the symbol of Spring?)

For some reason, most of the students answered that it was a dragon - a mythical animal. But this answer is not correct. Depending on the region, there are specific animals, so with this question it is difficult to give an exact answer.

Most netizens believe that the "animal representing spring" is a swallow. As the cold season approaches, swallows leave their habitats to escape the cold, and in the spring they will return in flocks. The birds flew in groups in the sky, signaling the coming of spring. In many localities, there is still the activity of watching swallows to pray for more luck in the new year.

A special thing, the swallow is known as one of the fastest flying birds in the world with a maximum flight speed (when not carrying prey) that can reach 113 - 185 km/h. In spring, they usually fly 2 - 6 times faster than in autumn.

Swallows fly in the sky as if spring is coming

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