Try 2 training apps of Nike and adidas to have a "mlem" body, I have found true love

 Take advantage of the quarantine at home, try using these exercise apps with me too!

Because of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, for the past few years, we have almost only studied and worked from home, no time to go to the gym.

But I think it's thanks to these days off that the spirit of sportsmanship is increasing day by day. Me too, can't lie on the bed forever, have to get up and exercise to be healthy and beautiful!
 It is known that Nike and Adidas have both launched 2 extremely convenient and cool home training apps, I will download and try them out.

Nike Training Club
First, Nike's home workout app is called Nike Training Club. Right from the moment I opened the app, I saw that this interface must be called "the top of the top"! I am a person who is often attracted to beauty, so Nike Training Club easily captured my heart from the very first moment! 

In which, black and white color is the main color, the topics are arranged in a scientific and reasonable way, very easy to use even for those who practice for the first time.

Secondly, with more than 100 detailed and professionally designed exercises (muscle exercises, full body fat loss exercises, balance exercises, yoga, …), illustrated by the top Nike Masters in the world, You will find exercising at home much more enjoyable.

In addition, the number of exercises is constantly increasing and Nike always updates it regularly so that users can experience as much as possible.
In particular, you can create a training plan for yourself in the Plans section. 
Here there are 4 main plan sections: Start Up (Beginner), Lean Fit (Slim), Bodyweight Only (No Equipment) and Gym Strong (Strength), each part is arranged reasonably suitable exercises. tailored to your needs and each exercise comes with step-by-step video tutorials from the trainers. 

However, each workout users need to download exercises, which will be relatively time consuming and data consuming. Besides, because there is a coach to guide step by step, Nike Training Club does not include music during practice, but I have a habit of listening to music to have a better spirit.

And a huge plus for Nike Training Club is that all exercises are free! Due to the raging Covid-19 epidemic situation, Nike has launched this policy since the beginning of 2020 to support and encourage people to stay at home to practice that, very psychological, isn't it! 
But nothing in the world is perfect, Nike Training Club currently does not support Vietnamese, which sometimes makes it difficult for us to access the exercise.

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