The female law student calculated 25 + 15 years in prison = 40 years in prison, thinking it was right turned out to be shameful because it was so wrong.

 The correct answer to this question should be...

Law is one of the majors that attract a large number of students each year. In Vietnam, this profession has many training universities and is always in the top ranks in terms of entrance scores such as Hanoi Law University, University of Economics and Law - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Court Academy, ...

For students who have studied criminal law, they must have memorized the basic knowledge about this code, including content related to punishments for offenders as prescribed. Recently, a TikToker named Tran Huynh Nhu has just posted a video with a "gutsy" mood. Accordingly, the reason this friend gave was because I made a mistake in a test question that seemed very simple.

The question asked students to calculate the total number of years in prison for a person who received 2 prison sentences at the same time for 2 different crimes, 1 for 15 years in prison and 1 for 25 years in prison.
For people who do not know the law, they think that the problem is like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and it is easy to give an answer of 40. However, this answer is completely wrong, so her friend may be sad. scum like that.

In Article 55 of the Penal Code, Article a, Clause 1 states that when adjudicating a person who commits more than one crime at the same time, the Court shall decide the penalty for each crime and sum up the penalties according to the following provisions for: primary punishment: If the penalties already declared are both non-custodial reform or term imprisonment, those penalties shall be added together to form a common penalty; the general penalty must not exceed 3 years for non-custodial reform and 30 years for fixed-term imprisonment.
So the problem given by her friend above must be 30 years.

Another interesting knowledge for everyone about Vietnamese law!

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