See hotgirl Vu Thi Ngoc Khanh with a beautiful face and a very hot body

Vu Thi Ngoc Khanh is one of the very HOT hot girls on social networks Facebook and Instagram. She has a lovely and beautiful face, a sunny smile and white skin like a grapefruit, and what attracts the most attention to this hotgirl is her extremely hot body with 3 symmetrical rings.

Hotgirl Ngoc Khanh (nicknamed Khanh Trang) was born in 1999, currently studying, living and working in Hanoi. She is a pretty popular hotgirl when she has a huge number of followers on her personal page of more than 420,000 on Instagram and 110,000 on Facebook, respectively.

Revealing the identity of the super hot girl round 3 in Vietnam today is the hot girl Vu Thi Ngoc Khanh. Ngoc Khanh was born in 1999, currently she is living and studying in Hanoi. Although she is only 22 years old, she already owns a 3rd round of up to 97 cm.

Ngoc Khanh's 3rd round measurement a few years ago was from 95-96cm. Ngoc Khanh shared, to get round 3 like this, she applied many methods of bodybuilding, eating in moderation. In addition, she also shared that she often sunbathe, swim, exercise to reduce excess body fat.

When appearing in front of everyone, she is always the center of attention because she has a beautiful face and a sexy and sexy body that always attracts people at first sight.

Ngoc Khanh shared that: “In the past, I have always been loyal to a gentle, innocent and pure style. With that style, I also received the attention of the online community, but gradually that attention faded away. So, I changed my style to sexy, seductive. Thanks to that, I have now been able to confidently show off my figure and wear dresses with deep slits or two-piece bikinis to enhance my 3rd attractiveness.

" Let's admire the beauty of a hot girl with a huge 3rd round in Vietnam. Thanks to her style change, on her personal page, she regularly posts pictures showing off her bold and sexy figure, which has attracted more than 100,000 followers.

Currently, besides going to school, Ngoc Khanh also does other jobs such as modeling, selling online, etc., although she is only 22 years old, she is able to be economically independent. Not only the beauty and current success of Ngoc Khanh has made many people admire and whisper.

When asked about her personal love story, Ngoc Khanh shared that she is currently single and hopes to find her other half in the near future. She hopes her boyfriend will be a kind, mature, loving and caring person.

Ngoc Khanh always believes that to live to the fullest, to live happily, to devote to working hard, not to let youth go to waste. The beautiful girl also shared about her future plan, which is the desire to become more and more famous and try her hand at more fields such as acting, fashion design.

 Although knowing that being able to fulfill those dreams will face many difficulties and challenges, I hope that Ngoc Khanh can be strong, try and successfully overcome all challenges.
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