Not to say that I don't know that Cbiz beauties are pretending to be boys, looking "really precious"!

Being a macho macho to enter the battlefield, the flawlessly beautiful Cbiz beauties are also amazing.

On the screen, it is not uncommon for Cbiz beauties to transform into men, while many female stars leave a strong mark, suitable for masculine shapes, exuding a charismatic, extraordinary temperament.

 There are also some people who have not done so well, more or less causing disappointment and discomfort for viewers.
Too soft, too feminine, Dilraba Dil could not exude a bit of the masculine aura that she was incarnating. 
Looking at people, people only see a beautiful woman with meticulous makeup, wearing a wig, lightly smeared with a little bit of dirt, performing a few martial arts moves.

No bold lipstick, but Trinh Sang's eyes are overly cared for with curved eyelashes, even though he intends to draw bold eyebrows, the shape is still half-hearted, not yet the quality of a manly man, of course. This fake image of Trinh Sang can't convince viewers

Also making the same mistake as Trinh Sang is Duong Tu, if she focuses less on beautifying her eyes, this fake male image can also be considered a temporary success.
It's cool, just attaching a fake mustache and "auto" turns into a man without being detected, even if you have eyeliner, pink powder, curled eyelashes, no one will recognize you, don't worry

The peak pretended to call Trieu Le Dinh's name. Oh, does the elder brother have a mustache and purple eyeshadow
The scene where Duong Yen pretends to be a boy in Cam Tu Vi Uong gives the audience mixed emotions when watching. The audience did not understand why Duong Yen was attached with a curly wig that did not match the historical context in the movie, but at the same time, she also made viewers laugh with that mustache that did not "pretend".

The film crew of Beautiful Letters was once strongly opposed by the audience for allegedly challenging the viewer's IQ with the fake image of Cuc Tinh Y.Although it is known that most actors, whether male or female, will appear in the film. It's really hard to accept a little makeup to get a better picture, but creating a red lip shape, eyeliner in a straight line, eye makeup evenly, bangs like Cuc Tinh Y's hair are really hard to accept.

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