Not Hai Tu or Thieu Bao Tram, this is the only girl Son Tung ever publicly gave a cake and wished him a happy birthday.

Can you guess who that person is?

With his terrible popularity, it is not difficult to understand that every girl related to Son Tung will be noticed by netizens. Among them, Thieu Bao Tram and Hai Tu are probably the names that occupy the most spotlight when one is a girlfriend of 8 years (even though they have broken up) and one person accidentally caused the "green tea" scandal that was once noisy in the world. network for a long time.

Thought these would be the two few girls who were given the greatest attention by the "boss". But in reality, that doesn't seem to be the case. Because recently, netizens have dug up a clip recording the scene of Son Tung doing a very special action for a "woman". Notably, this action has never been done by the male singer with his girlfriend Thieu Bao Tram or with "pet chicken" Hai Tu.

Specifically, appearing in the clip is the scene of Son Tung himself carrying a cake and lighting candles and a group of people slowly entering a room. The purpose is to organize a surprise birthday for the character who is in it. Looking at the famous male singer carefully every step, his face is fresh, everyone feels jealous of the girl whose birthday he publicly congratulated.

Followed to the end, people discovered that the lucky girl turned out to be not two familiar faces Tu - Tram but a stranger. It is known that it is simply a female staff working in Son Tung's team.
Son Tung personally brought a cake and wished a special character a happy birthday
Not Hai Tu or Thieu Bao Tram, that girl is a staff member in the male singer's team
The scene that makes everyone jealous

Obviously, despite being busy, the male singer still cares about his employees. The guy's warm action made netizens leave many admiring comments:

- Okay, I guess I'll cry for 3 days and 3 nights.

- I really want to be your wife, I will definitely let you love me like an egg.

- Talented, handsome, and warm.

- It will probably be the most memorable birthday of her sister's life. Although 10 years, 20 years later, I still remember the son who wished him a happy birthday that year. Oh my, how cute isn't it?

- This scene was during the Sky Tour, my brother is so good!

- The President personally gives the cake, especially sister!

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