Korean girls have up to 4 recipes to dress well with bermuda shorts, apply immediately for the upcoming season change.

Learn Korean girls how to mix & match with bermuda shorts, make sure this autumn you are always trendy and trendy in every frame.

The weather is humid, no longer the hot sun when summer comes, but it is not as cold as winter. The cold wind makes women really just want to immediately apply the "on winter under summer" formula, that is, above are long-sleeved items such as T-shirts, jackets while below are dynamic and healthy bermuda shorts.

And here are 5 super cool mix & match recipes with bermuda shorts that Korean girls apply year after year.

The biggest reason why bermuda shorts are so favored every season is because this item is not too hot like trousers, nor too short like summer shorts. With a thigh length and a spacious oversized design, this item is always favored by Korean girls regardless of May.

Every time it gets cold, just wear it over a knitted shirt, underneath a bermuda shorts, so you have an extremely youthful and modern look.

This layout formula sounds basic, but over the years, this is still a "true love" for those who pursue a minimalist and elegant style. Office shirts, when combined with generous bermuda shorts, will create an elegant and trendy look. This outfit is easy to apply in many different occasions such as traveling, going out, walking on the street...

"Must have" item every fall - a blazer jacket when combined with bermuda shorts doesn't seem right but turns out to be unbelievably suitable. Cool autumn weather, above is a luxurious blazer, below are youthful bermuda shorts, add a pair of calf-high boots, so you have a very trendy, attractive look. next to Korean girls.

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