I was too free at home, so I tried Baifern Taratee dye: Unexpected results but also a slight twist

Seeing that people and Vietnamese stars use Baifern Taratee dye too much, I dare to try it too!

You know, the length of the interval is always proportional to the hair growth rate of the majority, of course I am no exception.
For almost 2 months, I couldn't go to the hair salon and said no to hair color dots, so the black legs in my hair kept going crazy at the same time. 
So angry with the scene of "two hairs" and ready to be at home on vacation, I decided to try to order Baifern Taratee dye and see for myself!

Please introduce, this is my hair before it was reformed, it may not be clear on the picture, but the black legs outside are so many. By the way, don't pay attention to your nails, it's been almost 2 months since I've had my nails done...

Called "Baifern Taratee dye" for the folk but actually the product is called MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble, the color I bought Deep Bordeaux 5BR. 
A full box includes 1 bottle of foaming solution, 2 packs of coloring, 1 pack of conditioner and 1 pack of gloves, a cape for hair dye. Her price ranges from 140 - 170K depending on the color and the place of sale.
This is actually not a new product, but it's still as hot as it was released. People praise the drug for its good color and ease of manipulation. This I admit, although a bit clumsy, the dye smeared all over my hands and forehead, but I still succeeded in "plastering" 1 bottle of this foam dye on my hair.
After about 40 minutes of waiting, I went to wash my hair and used the bundled conditioner to help dry my hair. 
Although I didn't bleach my hair at all, the color was still extremely good, brighter than I expected, when I went to sit near the window, my hair color became even more obvious. 
It's just a pity that the black leg inside has not been handled very well because I'm not a professional in this...
After 2 washes, my hair is less purple than when I just dyed it and is more prone to red-brown. To me, this is still a beautiful hair color, bright skin and very photogenic. But there is one minus point I need to note that Baifern Taratee dye makes my hair a bit dry. And because I tried to apply a lot of medicine at the hairline, my scalp also peeled a bit. Because of this twist, I went from happy to a little worried.

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