Clean dead skin, remove sebum with the new version of the volcanic mask from innisfree

The new super product Volcanic Calming Pore Clay Mask integrates the function of supporting cleansing dead skin, removing sebum and can be used every day thanks to an upgraded ingredient list.

If there is a clay mask with a deep cleansing feature that also exfoliates and is still gentle, many skincare followers will feel that their skin care routine is more than perfect. .

In need of a mask that cleans sebum, exfoliates dead cells, but is still gentle? innisfree has a brand new Calming Pore Clay Mask
Breakthrough from the new super product with innisfree Calming Pore Clay Mask
If you normally need to use many separate products to remove sebum & exfoliate the skin's surface, now innisfree has saved you many skin care steps with just 5 minutes. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the product, when launched in the Korean market, has become a hit in the beauty world.

innisfree Calming Pore Clay Mask integrates both functions: support to clean dead skin, remove sebum - suitable for even sensitive skin
PHAs and AHAs have the ability to exfoliate, clear impurities in congested pores and smooth the skin's surface.

Volcanic sphere PLUS ™ - the famous exclusive ingredient of volcanic ash stone will continue to penetrate the pores, soften and absorb sebum, blackheads for the skin. From there, with the gentle massage action and clean water, it will gently roll the sebum and blackheads out of the pores.

In particular, with the Volcanic Calming Pore Clay Mask, it only takes you 5 minutes to apply the mask every day, both saving time and being able to regularly take care of rough skin, large pores become smooth and clean. sebum.
Gentle formula for daily use, suitable for the most sensitive skin.
Clay masks are not very "in tune" with sensitive, acne-prone skin. Not to mention, improper use & application for too long can cause reverse hygroscopicity, irritation. So what is the solution for the skin that is not easy to please?

The product with the formula containing Jeju mineral water and Madecassoside in innisfree Calming Pore Clay Mask is the answer to these worries! The duo of gentle care & skin care ingredients with a silky texture, will be the perfect choice for the most sensitive skin.

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