Caught Dieu Nhi expressing her "fascination" with Dong Nhi's dumplings, people tease each other

Dieu Nhi is active on social networks again after the suspicion of having secretly given birth to her first child.

Under suspicion of giving birth to her first child, Dieu Nhi has yet to receive any feedback regarding the rumors. In the midst of the people's excitement, recently Dieu Nhi "com back" social media and went "commenting" on Mai Hong Ngoc's Facebook. For those who do not know, Mai Hong Ngoc is the official Facebook name of singer Dong Nhi.
Dong Nhi collaged photos of that day - now for her daughter, who would have thought that only a few months apart, Winnie's look had changed so much!
Notably, Winnie's cute appearance that wanted to faint made Dieu Nhi quickly go to "beg for mercy": "2 dumpling cheeks are afraid to hate".

Unexpectedly, only one comment, but Dieu Nhi immediately fell into the eyes of netizens. Everyone rushed to tease Dieu Nhi and quickly publicized the baby's appearance for everyone to see after the rumor of having a baby. Seeing that, Dieu Nhi "very clever" has not yet answered, which makes netizens even more excited.
Netizens rushed in to tease Dieu Nhi quickly to show off her baby after rumors of giving birth to her first child

Recently, Dieu Nhi has returned to social media, her face has also changed quite clearly

People guess that this is the face of a nursing mother
Before that, the image of Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu going to antenatal care was spread on social networks
I don't know when Dieu Nhi and Anh Tu will officially respond to the "good news" so that people will wait less
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