A beautiful girl once showed her "real" beauty after giving birth to her second child

This is so pretty, you still have to run long to keep up.

After nearly 3 years, the beautiful princess Cici was born, Tram Anh - JustaTee's wife has just given birth to a second baby in February 2021. For more than half a year, although there are few updates about herself online, every comeback of a pretty girl makes netizens stunned because she is not inferior to anyone.

Tram Anh's physique after more than half a year of giving birth to her second child

Recently, she also aired a series of stories about applying new skin care masks during the epidemic break. However, the bare face of the former hot girl in the last story is the most noticeable thing.
Tram Anh aired a series of stories about trying out a new skin mask with her husband JustaTee as a cameo in the back

It is easy to see that despite having given birth to 2 babies next to each other, Tram Anh's figure is still radiant and much younger than her real age. The girl's skin in the story is also smooth, shiny and cool to look at.
She also conveniently shows off her beautiful bare face on the story

Since she was in school, Tram Anh has been famous for her "real" beauty of standard 10. After the end of her marriage and childbirth, the beauty of JustaTee's wife was commented to be more and more salty and more beautiful. Despite having two births, the beautiful girl still maintains her beauty, making many unmarried girls with no children really jealous.

Tram Anh's beauty after getting married and giving birth
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