What's new in Korean lipstick this time: 3CE started to release autumn lipstick, Hera's new line looked like she wanted to "pick up" right away

 Who is a fan of Korean lipstick, update quickly!

3CE has a tradition that until August, September every year, it is ready to launch a series of deep, matte lipstick colors. This year is no exception. Still the Velvet Lip Tint line that made the brand, but 3CE launched 5 new colors, all of which are earth tones including: earth pink, earth red, earth orange to match the season change.

It looks a bit similar to the old colors, but if you pay close attention, you'll see that 3CE has mixed more earth tones to suit current tastes. Well, "old bottle of new wine", just try it.

Don't think that PERIPERA only has a few tint lipsticks with a "strawberry" packaging design, but it's okay. Because the Ink Mood Matte Stick lipstick line, which has just been released a few days ago, looks more "remembered" and more poetic. Cylindrical design and matte crust can be said to make many banh beo happy.

This lipstick line has a total of 8 colors, including 4 orange tones and 4 pink tones. Except for colors 01, 02, 06 a bit picky skin, the remaining 5 colors are quite easy to use. Smooth matte lipstick is also an advantage worth considering.

Contrary to 3CE, Laneige is very loyal to the bright and bright concept every time a new lipstick line is released. Although it has gradually turned to autumn, the company still launches the Ultimistic Aqua Tint lipstick set in the summer to serve the girls who are immersed in fun colors.

This lipstick line has a total of 5 colors, most of which are pink/orange/magenta tones that are true to Korean girls' taste. The lipstick has a very light glossy finish, so it will create a full lip effect without having to inject filler.

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