Wearing a beautiful white shirt like a French girl, from the shirt to the strapless shirt, there is a beautiful mix, read this article and you will not be afraid of ideas for clothes.

Dressed according to French girls, whatever style is elegant to see.

As a girl, everyone has a few white shirts in the closet, depending on the style, they will have shirts, blouses, halter tops, tank tops... The reason white is always loved is simple, easy. application, easy to mix, mix with any color, any item is suitable but always stands out. In your spare time, let's mix & match the white shirts that have been stored in the closet for many days with the French girl group, maybe there will be more ideas to mix and match?

Referring to white shirt, white shirt will definitely occupy a unique position in the wardrobe of French girls. Turning items that are often seen as traditional and rigid, French girls freely unbutton their top a few buttons and then pull them slightly to the back of their necks, sometimes cinched at the waist and playfully tied at the waist.

White tank top mixed with shorts, French girls pay attention to details on pants such as floating lines, layered waistband, just that, the outfit becomes much more interesting.
Slim fit jeans that just reach the ankle are also a uniform of French ladies. It must also be recognized that this model of pants is quite friendly with many body shapes, combined with strap sandals and a style shirt, embroidered with small flowers looks romantic too.
French girls are not afraid to "let loose", nor are they afraid to have a modest first round, they appreciate the beauty of their bodies and always want to show that beauty, which makes their irresistible charm unique to them, so although Whatever your body shape is, just confidently wear a strapless top, a tube top, combined with high-waisted pants, adding a chain belt is fine.

A modern girl in a basic black and white outfit or a classic lady, bearing the look of great star Audrey Hepburn will capture your heart?

Don't forget layers, combining 2-3 different materials on the same set will create a great resonance!

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