Trieu Le Dinh and 2 times had a costume problem: When creating a beautiful moment, sobbing, when being "stoned" mercilessly

 It can be said that these are the two most memorable costume incidents of Trieu Le Dinh.

In April this year, Trieu Le Dinh made the Chinese social network explode with beautiful beauty at the promotional event for the Longines watch brand. The actress wore a white dress that spread out showing off her small shoulders, a special dress in which many branches and leaves were attached, radiating around Trieu Le Dinh's body, evoking the image of a pretty little fairy.

The beauty of the Trieu family adorned the dress with a brown leather strap watch and luxurious red stone studded earrings. But unfortunately while chatting with the MC, one earring suddenly slipped off and fell on Trieu Le Dinh's collarbone. She did not panic, but gently took the earring to put it back on.

Immediately, the short video recording this accidental moment quickly went viral on social networking sites and forums. The earring is located in a very beautiful position, on Trieu Le Dinh's small collarbone, giving birth to a photo that makes many people flutter. In addition to compliments for her delicate and sweet beauty, netizens also gave many compliments for how to deal with problems, being very calm and calm.

However, back in 2016, Trieu Le Dinh also had a costume problem on stage, but the result was not as smooth as it is now. That day, she attended the event propaganda as usual. Dinh Bao's face at that time was still quite immature, the fashion style of course was not as luxurious as it is now, but it was still considered temporary.

She wore a tight blue embroidered dress, lined with nude fabric underneath, a light blue chiffon layer outside with soothing tones, and finished with high-heeled sandals. It seems that the outer layer of chiffon fabric is quite entangled, making it difficult for the beauty to move, so the assistants have to constantly go to the stage to help her edit the dress.

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