Stunned with Korean schoolgirl uniform: The tight tights are so terrifying that they are even smaller... children's shirts

 It is this type of uniform that also causes fearsome dangers to the wearer.

The controversy surrounding the tight-fitting uniform started after Kim Ah Yeong - a Korean female streamer shared a photo of the uniform that was too sexy and attracted the attention of the public.

The uniform includes a shirt, a skirt and a tie. At first glance, this outfit doesn't seem strange at all

The more I look closely, the more I see that the uniform has something "wrong" when hugging the body as if... underwear. Even when the female streamer sat down, the shirt shrank because it was too short and as if the buttons were about to break, the skirt was tight like protective pants, which looked quite unsightly. Right after that, netizens argued whether this is an over-edited outfit or is it inherently, Korean schoolgirl uniforms are always so short?
This can be considered an offensive outfit, especially with school uniforms

More than one group of people compared regular high school girls' uniforms with children's clothing. The result is that the girl's school uniform is only 51.5cm long, 8.5cm shorter than the T-shirts of 11 and 12 year olds! Another test showed that the girl's uniform is 1m7 tall, the bust is 94 cm when compared to the shirt for 7 and 8 year olds, which is not much different.

The size is the same as a children's shirt!

It's as if they were made from the same mold, it's not suitable to wear to school

Wearing a uniform that is too short brings fear to many female students when it is easy to cause "indiscretions", leading to many dress-related incidents or worse, turning them into the focus of school bullying. - thorny problem in each country.

More seriously, wearing too tight also affects health such as breathing difficulty, affecting the respiratory system, causing difficulty in blood circulation, venous insufficiency, ... Not to mention diseases such as acne , dermatitis, ... due to the fabric rubbing and tightening on the body, making the skin not dry.

The obvious difference between boys' shirts and girls' shirts

Stunned with Korean schoolgirl uniforms: The tight tights are so terrifying that they are even smaller... children's shirts

The school girl's shirt is too tight, making it difficult to move

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