Miss H'Hen Niê "white mouse" how to curl her hair: Perfect results or "distorted face" like previous times?

After many times "distorting her face" because she risked experimenting with beauty methods, will Miss H'Hen Nie be as successful as expected?

1m72 high, Miss standard body, Westernized beauty and attractive appearance are the highlights that make H'Hen Niê one of the most beautiful Misses in the Miss Vietnam lineup. Unfortunately, she does not possess the beauty talent that is proportional to her beauty, leading to unnecessary humorous "accidents". So in the recent show of self-curling hair, did Hau go into the old "trash tracks"?

With long hair and starting to be "disorganized", Miss H'Hen Niê was forced to find a way to curl her hair at home without glue and a hairdresser. Thinking and doing, Hau immediately learned how to curl her hair without using heat on TikTok

The curling iron that H'Hen Niê uses is a non-heat-resistant curling rod. When using, users just need to wrap the hair around the roller and then fix the shaft behind the head, use an elastic band to tie the 2 ends of the shaft to keep the hair from falling out and wait for the results after a few hours.
And here is the result! Too perfect compared to the "adventurous" phases of testing the beauty of Miss Queen

But since this is a temporary form of curl, the waves will straighten quite quickly
Before that, H'Hen Niê had "face-down" phases because of experiments with beauty treatments. Sometimes she uses the syrup to apply blush, when she uses a trimmer to cut the lion's head, ... her results will usually be sighs instead of perfect results.

Or there was a time when H'Hen Niê tried to shave her eyebrows at home and the results also made her bored with life.

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