Having been dug up to speak about money and education, Non Mango came to the place to chat: Tu mind and improve your character!

 These days, Non Mango seems to be "stronger" than before.

As a famous pretty girl on social media, the name of Xoai Non is becoming more and more popular after returning to the same house with the "richest" streamer in Vietnam - Xemesis. However, the beautiful 2k2 girl was repeatedly "stoned" by words in word wars with antifans or actions and manners that were underestimated with older people.

Among them must be mentioned a shocking statement for a while: "Studying *** and earning a lot of money is better than studying well without earning money. Today's society only needs money, do you understand?"

Beautiful girl Mango Non many times got caught up in the market that fell from the sky

Recently, this saying was once again repeated on MXH in a rather negative direction. Notably, I rarely comment on places other than my personal page, this time, Noni Mango came to the place again, determined to fight back once, attracting many people's attention.

Below the post using her image to illustrate the shocking statement for a while, Xoai Non left a comment expressing a harsh attitude. She sarcastically said these days people lack content to write so well that they have to put people's faces up like that. At the same time, Non mango also reminded the broadcast page to learn everything carefully before posting, not intentionally causing misunderstandings.

Finally, the pretty girl closes: "Everyone has a past, sometimes people don't mean anything, but it's thanks to people like the owner of this status that it makes a big deal. The story is over, don't dig it up just because you want to get likes. Stay at home and cultivate your mind and character."

Very quickly, Mango Non's comment attracted nearly 1k likes and dropped hearts to support.

Previously, in April 2020, Mango Non caused a stir when making a statement about money and education in a livestream answering netizens' questions about leaving school since 10th grade. This statement caused a stir. There was a big controversy at that time with most of the opinions "stoned" by pretty girls. Faced with that situation, Xoai Non apologized for not expressing her intentions clearly, as well as correcting her intention to say that those who have a degree but often curse those who are illiterate even though they are not certain to have earned it. money with them.

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