Don't know if you are suitable for wearing pants or skirts, please try the formula to measure the golden body ratio to dress up more and more "hacking" your figure.

Now, you don't need to think about buying pants or skirts every time you go shopping.

There is one thought that seems to have been defaulted in many people's minds, that is: trousers are for tall people, and skirts are for short teams. However, facts prove this thinking is not always true. To determine if you are better off wearing pants or skirts, the key point is body proportions.

Accordingly, the length from the top of the head to the navel is called the upper body, the rest of the body is called the lower body. Divide the lower body length by the upper body: if the result is <1.4, this figure is suitable for wearing a skirt, because you need to lengthen the lower body proportions to achieve a harmonious effect.
As for the results obtained > 1.6, which means your physique is more suitable for wearing pants, because natural long legs are the ultimate weapon, you should click on it to show off your physical advantage.

Finally, if this number is between 1.4 and 1.6, that means you can wear skirts/pants as you like. For example, the upper body is 67cm long, the lower body is 101cm long, resulting in a body ratio of 1.507 - within the standard range, whether skirt or pants will suit this figure.

Besides, you should pay attention to choose the skirt/pants design that suits your body characteristics. Typically, girls with curvy legs, rough legs should stay away from skinny jeans / tight skirts. Instead, long pants / skirts will help "hack" the maximum shape.

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