"Office beauty" Quang Ngai, Hanoi according to the gym "build" shape

Not long attached to office work, Nguyen Thanh Hai and Bui Khanh Huyen decided to pursue fitness.

Nguyen Thanh Hai was born in 1998.She is known as "hot girl at work", "beauty of the gym".

Thanh Hai said she used to work in an office for 2 years but found it inappropriate to quit her job to pursue her passion for art.
The 23-year-old is 1m64 tall, weighs 55kg with a three-ring measurement of 89 - 62 - 103 cm, too.
She shares that she belongs to a person with large bone organs, so her physique is somewhat urban and has a soul to eat, so it is easy to accumulate fat.
However, she does not practice to be thin but helps her toned figure as well as better body control.
1 week she exercises gym from 4, 5 sessions combined with dance sessions, sensitive teaching.
She shared: "Gym has the main use is to help people tone, create body features."
In particular, Thanh Hai has a special passion for dance because it helps her relax, release energy and stay in shape.
The hardest thing about losing weight is diet because she has good appetite or appetite.
But to build her physique she is determined to eat according to the regime.She refrains from eating sugar, grease, says no to soft drinks, milk tea.
Along with that, she adds protein and fiber.If you miss eating more one day, you'll practice more to make up for it.
In particular, instead of eating out, Thanh Hai will spend time cooking itself to best control the menu.

Another office beauty who is also famous for her beautiful body is Bui Khanh Huyen (nickname: Huyen Dior).
She worked in an office job for 3 years before coming to professional fitness.
Initially, the beauty only practiced to improve her health but then was passionate and had a desire for long-term development.
Before the current toned body, Huyen Dior used to be a skinny girl, "first as one".
"At the moment, due to training my thighs are bigger but extremely toned, the third round is much bigger, tall and round rather than "skinny" as it used to be," she said.
"My back also improved a lot. Before that I was tall but the hunched gaie, shoulders rotated forward and my back was very weak," she added.
"Now I'm more beautiful with a straight back, open chest, erm and confidence.Currently, I am 1m70 tall, weighing 59kg.The three-ring measurement is 88 - 64 - 98 centimeters, she said.
Instead of choosing a slender model, Huyen Dior aims for a plump, toned, glamorous body.
"My full, strong physique is the product of serious training for myself, so I've never been afraid of my choice to "deviate" - she expressed.
She initially mainly does cardio but then she exercises heavier along with weights to promote muscle regeneration.
She initially mainly does cardio but then she exercises heavier along with weights to promote muscle regeneration.

Finally, about the diet the beauty does not diet but still eats enough substances to provide enough energy for the body.

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