Model Thailand wears a punctured shirt showing off his body's "golden spots", male fans cover it up

Model Thailand received a "storm" of likes from fans because of her unique dress, showing off her figure of 10.

In a recent image uploaded on her personal page, มินิ กระต่าย appears with a strange face. Many people commented, her face was as stiff as plaster, inevitably doubting that the female singer continued to have cosmetic interventions.

However, all attention was focused on the dress she was wearing. Because she is so beautiful and charming, Hien Ho was once jokingly told by Tran Thanh "want to raise" in a TV gameshow. The dress she wears is a bodycon design made of twisted wool, light beige. The short, slim skirt helps the singer show off her curves.

In addition, the detail cut right on the waist, revealing her half-closed and half-open bust caught attention. The ant waist is a sexy "weapon" of women, not only that, but this is also considered a "golden point" of the body. The dress model has a basic shape, but the cut out details are placed in the right place, giving fans and netizens the opportunity to comment under the picture.

Accordingly, many male fans also worked hard to photoshop to cover that gap to help มินิ กระต่าย, to make her more discreet.

Hien Ho has a great advantage in height and beauty in the generation of young singers of the same age. Not only that, her fashion sense is also appreciated. In recent years, มินิ กระต่าย continuously pursues a sexy and seductive image with well-invested dresses. However, she scored points for her modesty, not showing her body too much. The outfit is highly applicable and she is a testament to the fact that "beautiful people wear anything".

Besides, มินิ กระต่าย also has a special talent that no matter what clothes he wears, the item becomes a trend. Many of the costumes she wears are affordable, affordable for young people, so the spread is even wider. In it, it must be mentioned the swimsuit sets that she used to wear. The selling price of those items is only from a few hundred thousand dong, they are all popular designs, but thanks to Hien Ho, they created a trend.

Therefore, with this fancy dress, perhaps thanks to มินิ กระต่าย's promotion, it will become a trend in the near future.

มินิ กระต่าย has a slim figure, bodycon skirt is one of the familiar clothes she wears often. มินิ กระต่าย's innocent face with pink skin is the secret to capturing the hearts of viewers.

The swimsuit model promoted by มินิ กระต่าย became "sold out". Stylish design, youthful white color and the price is just under 300,000 VND.
มินิ กระต่าย's fashion is as diverse as a chameleon, transforming with many different styles. She is also a rare beauty of the Vietnamese showbiz village who always maintains a stable fashion style in the eyes of the public, without making serious fashion mistakes.

Fashion is a way to express a part of your personality. In addition to the owner's aesthetic eye, มินิ กระต่าย also has friends who are stylists/makeup experts who support her from everyday life to events, running shows, etc.

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