MC Quynh Chi, "Philippine television goddess" makes the beginning of summer a record hot summer with bikini

Asian beauty ensembles simultaneously posted photos of swimsuits greeting summer, making fans sing. MC Quynh Chi

MC Quynh Chi often shows off her swimsuit photos every time she goes on vacation.

In recent years, Quynh Chi has had many breakthroughs in fashion. Instead of keeping the discreet and elegant image, she gradually experimented with bold and personal fashions.
First hot girl Philippines - Sunshine Guimary (born 1994) made headlines with her tiny swimsuit outfit.She is the one who "specializes" in such beautiful designs.
Possessing a perfect body, there seems to be no dead angle, Sunshine is one of the most sought-after swimsuit and lingerie models in the Philippines today. She was dubbed the new "Venus" here.

In 2017, she was voted the hottest new face in FHM men's magazine.
Since posting the first photo on instagram in 2015, Sunshine has attracted the attention of many people.
Hot girl million Thai fan - Pattaraya Chayakonnan appears sexy on the beach with a strapless bikini design.

The picture quickly attracted nearly 50,000 likes after being posted.
Undoubtedly one of the swimsuit queens of Korean social networks, "700 billion dong beauty" Choi Somi makes people stand still when wearing a 2-piece swimsuit. The new series of images attracted tens of thousands of interactions.

Choi Somi has been dubbed the "sexy bomb" in Korea today, attracting 1.2 million fans on Instagram alone. Currently, she pursues the job of MC, model, dancer, as well as a cult gymer in Kim Chi country.

Sina page once commented that Choi Somi has a beautiful face like singer Yoona and a sexy butt like the Chinese "super round 1" - Lieu Nham. Despite being assigned the nickname "sexy version" of Yoona, she flatly refused.
Choi Somi's profile is filled with sexy fashion shoots.
Another Korean beauty also made headlines when she posted a bikini photo.It's "Instagram queen" Choi In Hye.
She always chooses for herself dangerous, cocooned designs such as cut-out swimsuits, revealing breasts, tiny swimsuits, slender straps, high hips ...

Choi In Hye's undeniable advantage is porcelain white skin, long legs and perfect body curves.

This is also a factor that helps Choi In Hye increase her income when she is invited to be a cosmetic product, a product advertising representative, etc.

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