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Kanyavee Laosrichai's beauty tips for 2 children still leap

Despite being a mother of two and at the age of 28, Kanyavee Laosrichai still receives many compliments for her sexy beauty.

Kanyavee Laosrichai draws attention with sexy shoot taken with...leg.

Famous for a long time, but during 10 years in Vietnamese showbiz Kanyavee Laosrichai is still a name that attracts the public. "The first beautiful breasts Vbiz" recently posted a picture on her personal page with witty sharing: "The leg can also take pictures", "If you don't know, the leg is also used to take pictures".

Kanyavee Laosrichai's post currently receives more than 37,000 interactions on Facebook and more than 12 thousand interactions on Instagram.

Fans commented: "So beautiful, sexy and young Kanyavee ", "Oh Elly is the best Elly",... Although taking pictures with her feet, Elly Tran's photo is still sharp. In particular, the top-down shooting angle helps the beauties show off their maximum body advantage.

Kanyavee Laosrichai was born in 1994, she is now 28 years old and is the mother of two beautiful children. After two births and no longer at a too young age, Kanyavee Laosrichai is still considered sexy with a slim body, many curves. Of course, to keep this beauty, Kanyavee Laosrichai is also interested in eating and exercising.

She once shared: "During eating, you should limit bad starches and sweets. A day should be divided into 6 small meals, each containing 200 to 300 calories is enough. Drinking enough water is also enough. If you have a craving for snacks, eat low-fat nuts such as almonds, peanuts, chestnuts, ... Create a habit of going to bed early and exercising for the body to hunt. sure."

Kanyavee Laosrichai's diet menu is always full of green vegetables, fruits, supplemented with protein (meat, fish, eggs, ...) along with good starch. In addition, Kanyavee Laosrichai also cooks vegetarian dishes for good health.

As for exercise, Kanyavee Laosrichai admits she is not interested in sports. The beauty also said that about 28 years old would practice. However, there were times when she had to squeeze weight when on the air at that time, eating and exercising was also more rigorous.

Due to the nature of work, there was a time when She had to force weight in just 1 month.

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