Ka Ti - Concept : i’m cold - Model : Patcharaporn Chaopitakwong

Not only Patcharaporn Chaopitakwong, many Tbiz beauties also choose for themselves swimsuit designs with cut-out designs. Because they are new, impressive and show the beauty of the body. However, because it is bold, not everyone thinks it is eye-catching, even considered too sexy.

Therefore, it must be beauties with an aesthetic eye to be able to choose for themselves a perfect outfit. Sensual but does not feel inadequate.
It is hard to believe that She is already a "milk mother" because of her perfect body when wearing a cropped swimsuit
"Beautiful beauty in comedy village" -her stands out with a monokini design with high hips, "open" in the abdomen.
She is also one of the beauties who like to wear swimsuits with "dangerous" designs.

Swimsuits are difficult to refresh due to fabric savings but it is constantly being created with "dangerous" designs. In particular, the use of cuts is considered to be streamlined but brings high aesthetic efficiency.
The gaps can be carefully calculated that will cut at the waist, chest or shoulders, sometimes the designer is comfortable creating, cutting in unexpected positions. Patcharaporn Chaopitakwong it self is also a special affection for clothes like this.

Not only that, the suit also has a high hip shape, so it maximizes the sensuality of the wearer.In addition, if you look closely, the person will easily recognize the cuts connected on a see-through fabric that is both discreet and free to style.
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