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Fashion changes spectacularly from everyday life to the host of sports MC

The female MC, born in 1995, has a well-proportioned appearance and a beautiful face as a host of a sports news program.

Yui is an alumnus of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Not majoring in training in journalism, because of fate, Yui turned to MC work. Therefore, she is remembered and loved by fans thanks to her passion and understanding of sports in general and football in particular.

Not only attracted by the ability to lead, Yui's shooting fashion is also highly appreciated. It is required that the costumes of the station MCs be discreet, elegant and absolutely do not wear blue clothes (coincident with the background). In addition, the makeup should not be too dark or light, affecting the aesthetics of the broadcast.

With Yui, she has quite a few choices of costumes when leading the wave. Costumes are diverse in colors, designs, materials... but still follow the general rules of the station. One of the familiar items that many MCs choose to wear when leading the wave is a blazer. Can be worn over a shirt or as a whole set.

To avoid wearing a blazer that is too old, the shape is chosen to be innovative, more suitable to the tastes of the viewer. One-piece dresses are also familiar images of MCs. However, skirts must not be short above the knee.

Yuri is beautiful and charming backstage at the station.She worked hard to interact with her fans with a variety of images while working on set.

On important occasions, Ao Dai is an indispensable costume to honor the traditional beauty of Vietnamese women. In addition to the clothes and jewelry that the MCs use, they must not be too large and sophisticated to distract the TV audience.

On the screen, She is like an office girl, always elegant, but in real life, she is a person who pursues a feminine and seductive style. Her's dress is quite elegant and discreet. Only when participating in the implementation of fashion concept photos can the female MC's charming beauty be seen.

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