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Student Girl Has 10 Point Of Legs, Beautiful Bikini Like a Fream

Kim Da Bin possesses half-length legs and a super sexy body that help a bikini girl deserve a score of 10.

Kim Da Bin is a feverish girl on Korean social networks in recent days thanks to photos posing underwater, showing off her full body beauty, especially her legs half as long as ordinary people, her legs slender and straight like a sword.

With flexible movements and spontaneous playing in the water, Kim Da Bin is likened to the Korean online community as a mermaid coming out in real life.

Not only possessing endless long legs, Kim Da Bin also has an extremely attractive body, suitable for Korean beautiful standards such as 10-point "apple" hips, slim waist, full chest is the advantage to help her. Dressed in all bathing suits.

In it, one-piece bikini helps to honor the body thoroughly, which is the style that the female student Kim loves. She prefers the monochrome swimsuit design but has accents such as the lace details on the sides and the chest, making it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off of her pure, sweet beauty.

Still according to the simple criteria, but the black bikini "big" ribs with pearl border on the chest brings a feeling of seductive but elegant.

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