Night outfits "when you go to your best, when you go back to your soul"

The beauty goes for a walk on the street at night, but it is easy to lose sympathy because the dress is tight to the body, open "wide", showing her round 1 late.

Bra shirts are considered the "indomitable thing" of women. Originating in the Roman period thousands of years ago, the bra is just a thin cloth wrapped around the body, called "Mamillare", which has the effect of covering the nipples, completely unable to support the chest like a shirt. Modern lining. Today, the bra has gone out of the box hidden under the skirt, which the girls wear openly and reveal in many controversial outfits, making viewers also blush.

Recently, a beautiful person walking on the street at night but easily causing dissonance because the dress tightens the body, open "wide", showing her round 1 late. Under the post of this image, most of the netizens complained because the style was not like her. Not only that, the trend of wearing sexy clothes, showing off lingerie has long been the fashion trend that is tirelessly promoted by Asian women.

Going out on the street at night, who caught the attention in a short, open-breasted bodycon dress, combined with dark underwear, showed off her lap 1 late.

In addition to many people being praised for being beautiful for the way they show off delicate underwear, many girls have been criticized for the opposite in appearance.

The designs cut out, the neck is deeply cut open, making the bra not "safe", wanting to go beyond the permissible framework, demanding publicity, despite the agitated look.

Wearing shocking outfits, the beauty became the focus of all eyes because of the dark, confusing layers of underwear.

However, if Hollywood hot girls cleverly choose bra worn inside a penetrating dress, highlighting the sexy beauty without showing off, many Asian girls will change by wearing dark underwear inside the shirt. bright color, deliberately showing off exposed skin, received many criticisms. Many people believe that underwear, which is underwear for women to use to conceal sensitive areas, should be worn out now, easily causing mixed reactions. Therefore, the line between offensive and sexy becomes extremely fragile when many beautiful people do not know how to moderate because they miss out on fashion.

Wearing a thin sheer dress to reveal the hidden underwear like the mist, Kendall occupies the spotlight of the street thanks to her unobtrusive sexy clothes.

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