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Liz Kim Cuong wore a feminine croptop shirt

 Liz Kim Cuong is not only beautiful but also possesses an impressive fashion style.

Liz Kim Cuong shows off her sexy beauty in the "streaky" shirt design.

Recently, Liz Kim Cuong has posted a number of pictures on his personal page and received a lot of positive feedback from netizens. The beauty chose to design a tight-fitting sweatshirt that was once considered to be the "streaky" shirt style promoted by young girls with no lingerie fashion.

Item with a simple design is sewn with a simple stretch, hugging the body. The shirt is connected by fastening details. Some beauties with outstanding breasts are often criticized for "forgetting" their bra, exposing their body excessively.

Instead of wearing "no bra" style, Liz Kim Cuong wears black "tone sur tone" underwear with the shirt.

But instead of chasing daring trends on Liz Kim Cuong wearing more underwear to be more discreet. The black combination creates a "tone sur tone" effect for the outfit to help set the outfit harmonious. The beauty suits the shirt with a simple high-cut skirt, but emphasizes the "ant's waist".

In addition, Liz Diamond uses additional accessories such as choker and scrunchies to set more impressive items. The fans commented: "Very pretty, sister", "Liz's shirt is really beautiful, beautiful people wear anything beautiful", "perfect beauty Liz", ...

Liz Kim Cuong was praised by fans for "beautiful people wear anything beautiful".

The singer born in 1993 is not only increasingly perfect in appearance but also has a fashion style, bringing a trendy and impressive look. As can be seen, Liz Kim Cuong's dress style is quite diverse. Beautiful people can completely wear "hacked" suits that look younger than the age of U30.

Besides, she also wears dignified designs. In particular, Liz Kim Cuong's sexiness is always in the level of delicate beauty, so she receives a lot of compliments.

Liz Kim Cuong "weighs" beautifully in a female student style with a shirt combined with a sweater and tennis skirt, bringing a youthful image of "hacking" despite being under 30.

 Beautiful people down the street in simple clothes consisting of a "mix & match" croptop with high waist jeans. This is a simple but trendy street map that should be popular.

 Of course, it is impossible to ignore Liz Kim Cuong's collection of elegant swimsuits. The bikini with a minimalist design helps highlight the perfect figure of the beauty born in 1993.


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