Attractive fashion sense of RMIT ladies

Each person pursues a different fashion style, but is impressive and attractive.

RMIT female student Nguyen Thanh Ngan (nickname Bell Nguyen, SN 2000) is the name mentioned in the sexy "race track" with swimsuits in the early summer.

Bell Nguyen owns a very hot and seductive fashion style.

Although it is rare to wear swimsuits to show off the body, but the well-proportioned body and impressive round 1 are what makes it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off.

She is more about fashion personality, more liberal than Thai Thao Nguyen.

Bell Nguyen owns a circle full of sexy secrets in deep-necked dresses.

The bras are more attractive, the shoulder shirt ... she wears more often.

Bell Nguyen diversifies with many different styles, from personality to fragile.

Her play on toys are complimented as fashionista standards.

Thai Thao Nguyen is one of the beautiful faces, attracting a large number of followers on social pages.

She attended the RMIT "rich children" school.

She owns a beautiful, feminine face and sexy fashion style.

Thai Thao Nguyen regularly shares pictures of wearing swimsuits during trips.

From the way of choosing clothes, it can be seen that she is a person with a minimalistic lifestyle, a gentle, gentle dress.

The beautiful body is the factor that helps the lady to always be beautiful in every frame.

Light and elegant 2-wire dresses are often chosen by Thai Thao Nguyen to wear.

The fragile and sexy beauty she showed was enough and subtle enough.

The beauty of Thai Thao Nguyen is commented pure and natural beauty without the need to wear elaborate makeup.

It is known that she graduated from RMIT and is focusing on her work.

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